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Introducing Students to City Building through UrbanPlan

During the 2017–2018 academic year, more than 6,000 high school and undergraduate students and 340 public officials participated in UrbanPlan in the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe, benefiting from the expertise of more than 1,600 ULI member volunteers who introduced them to the land use decision-making process that determines how people experience cities.  

Generously supported by member gifts to the ULI Foundation, the Institute’s popular urban development curriculum provides students with realistic experiences involving the land use challenges, private- and public-sector roles, complex trade-offs, and fundamental economics involved with development proposals and land use decisions. Since its inception in the United States in 2003, UrbanPlan has reached nearly 55,000 students and public officials globally. It is available in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland in Europe, and in Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines in Asia Pacific, with further program expansions planned.    

More than 6,000 high school and undergraduate students participated in UrbanPlan in FY 2018.

For some participants, the experience served as much more than a classroom exercise. ULI member Tony Garvey applied through Navigator to become an UrbanPlan volunteer based on his high school experience with the program. In his application, he noted, “UrbanPlan captured my interest in city planning and urban development. It truly changed the course of my life, as I went on to major in both economics as well as government and public policy at the University of Arizona. It sparked enough of an interest that I pursued a master of public administration while working as an intern in the Tucson Economic Initiatives Office.” Garvey now serves as a project manager in the Office of Economic Development for the city of Mesa, Arizona.      

“Our goal is to create a more sophisticated level of discourse among local stakeholders involved in land use decisions,” said ULI Foundation Governor Ronald C. Nahas, who cofounded UrbanPlan and provided funding for the program with a gift to the Foundation. “The education of tomorrow’s voters, neighbors, community leaders, public officials, and land use professionals is mission critical for ULI,” said Nahas, partner at Rafanelli and Nahas LLP in Lafayette, California.  

Give to the ULI Foundation to help UrbanPlan reach more students and public officials.   

Volunteer to participate in UrbanPlan through Navigator.

  • “The UrbanPlan program is providing an unparalleled heuristic process for scores of students each semester and allows them to confront issues such as sea-level rise, stormwater management, and building density along with the financial and market-driven demands in a controlled simulation, guided by some of the most prominent members of the commercial real estate community.”

    – ULI Virginia Communications Committee Co-Chairman Dave Ermini


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