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Informing Best Practices through Urban Land

ULI members shared their considerable industry expertise throughout FY 2018 with regular contributions to ULI’s flagship publication, Urban Land, providing the knowledge, candor, and objectivity that make the Institute a trusted global authority on all aspects of real estate and urban development. For instance, ULI Sustainable Development Council member Elizabeth Shreeve submitted an article published in the print and online editions of the magazine on the creative use of landscape design to boost urban resilience. “Landscape architecture fosters resilience through site-sensitive approaches to land use planning, mobility networks, grading and flood control, water management, revegetation, and open-space design—in short, by integrating designed systems within the dynamics of natural systems,” states Shreeve, principal at the SWA Group in San Francisco.  

Shreeve’s piece was accompanied by a related article on climate change adaptation strategies contributed by ULI Member Jon Penndorf, who applied through Navigator to submit an article for publication in Urban Land. “It is no longer enough to build to ‘sustainable’ standards,” writes Penndorf, project manager and sustainability leader at Perkins + Will in Washington, D.C. “While the goals of sustainability are worthwhile—even essential—something that is truly sustainable must endure under duress. Resilience seeks to do just that, to withstand the stress inflicted by hurricanes, high water, wildfires, earthquakes, drought, or heatwaves. Most important, it means working with—as opposed to turning away from—the natural forces that persist long before and after projects are built.”   

In addition to articles written by members, each issue of Urban Land features an “Outlook” section featuring insights from Product Council members on various aspects of the industry. Topics covered in FY 2018 include the outlook for hotel design, informed by Hotel Council members; global investment, informed by Global Exchange Council members; transit-oriented development, informed by Transit-Oriented Development Council members; and housing the middle class, informed by Affordable and Workforce Housing Council and Multifamily Council members. 

Use Navigator to apply to submit an article for publication in Urban Land.


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