Global Technology Investments Deliver Powerful Value to Members

Throughout fiscal year 2020, ULI continued to make great strides in delivering new and upgraded technologies to improve the overall member experience. These investments proved especially important and timely, since they allowed the Institute to pivot from mostly in-person offerings to completely virtual at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, ULI was able to continue to deliver exclusive member-only content, engagement opportunities, and connections across the global member network. 

The launch of the all-new knowledge sharing platform, Knowledge Finder, in the second quarter of the fiscal year, was a critical step in delivering on ULI’s commitment to provide members access to ULI content and to further knowledge sharing across the global network of members that is core to the Institute’s mission. The award-winning Knowledge Finder was built on an all-new platform that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable members to more easily find the most relevant results. New content types were also a part of the launch, including videos, webinars, books, and reading lists. 

Navigator expanded significantly in the number of opportunities available for ULI members to lead and volunteer. There also was a 33 percent increase in the number of applications and inquiries from members. As we adapt our offerings for more virtual and remote engagement, opportunities are pivoting to allow for continued engagement by members.  

Member Directory saw more unique visits by members in FY20 as well, and continues to allow for one-to-one connections for members worldwide. By using the Advanced Search feature, members can find others with the right expertise, interests, and more to make meaningful, lasting connections. New this year, Member Directory now links back to Knowledge Finder, enabling personalized content recommendations based on member interests.  

A new member wall launched in the fourth quarter of the fiscal year across Urban Land online magazine, Navigator, and ULI’s regional sites for the AmericasAsia Pacific, and Europe, which increases the amount of content to which members have exclusive access. It also allows members to share select pieces of content with friends and colleagues who may not have yet become members themselves. Nonmembers can also sign up for newsletters from Urban Land magazine. 

In the fourth quarter of the fiscal year, ULI also launched an all-new online learning platform featuring ULI Learning’s robust offering of educational courses and professional development programs. Available online and on demand, these educational series, courses, certificates, and programs leverage the Institute‘s publications, content and research, as well as the practical and theoretical insights of our member leaders.  

Across ULI’s 120 websites, additional updates to the design and functionality have also rolled out, improving the usability and making it easier for members to explore the vast array of the Institute’s offerings worldwide.  

As the years progress, ULI will continue to explore more ways to deliver more value to members through technology investments. Look for more exciting, member-value upgrades in FY21 and beyond. 


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