Moving the Dial

Increasing philanthropy for the ULI Foundation is “critical,” said former ULI Global Chairman Tom Toomey, whose two-year term concluded with the fiscal year. “If ULI has more resources, just think of what we can do. Think of where we could grow our impact, of how many more lives we can change through better cities. No other real estate institute could move the dial so far,” he said.

“ULI’s role is to inspire the creation of great communities. As ULI members, that is our legacy, and we must carry that forward.”

Toomey, whose enthusiastic championing of ULI is matched by his dedicated volunteerism, has also committed considerable resources to carrying that legacy forward. Most recently, he made a gift of more than $800,000 in unrestricted funding to support the Institute’s mission impact. “ULI is unique in so many ways, and as my family and I consider our charitable giving, we come back to what organization can move the needle the most, which we believe is ULI,” Toomey said.

Unlike restricted gifts, which individual donors designate toward ULI programs, initiatives, or centers they wish to specifically support, unrestricted funding allows the Institute to dedicate the resources in any way necessary to make the most impact. With strength in long-term financial stability, ULI has the flexibility to act when extraordinary opportunities arise—or pressing needs surface.

With his generous gift, Toomey hopes to catalyze increased philanthropy from all ULI members, for the good of the whole organization. “As our world changes, we need to expand what ULI offers, so the Institute can keep attracting the best and brightest minds to help it evolve further,” he said. These expanded offerings include greater focus on solutions to urban development challenges and a greater emphasis on education, mentoring, and thought leadership.

Toomey’s leadership gift to ULI’s unrestricted endowment spearheads the building of a culture of philanthropy for the organization, allowing the Institute to do more of what it does better than anyone else, with real, tangible impact. Resources raised through philanthropy feed into and strengthen ULI’s mission-oriented work at the global, regional, and local levels, “creating better communities and ultimately benefiting all of us as members,” Toomey said.

Unrestricted support to ULI marks unqualified support of the organization. It creates connections between members, expands opportunities, enlarges our footprint, and transforms communities of the world. Among the expansive areas of impact Toomey holds up as ULI hallmarks are workforce and affordable housing, building for reliance, education and diversity, and thought leadership.

“It’s a challenge—which of ULI’s many efforts do we feel most passionate about? The answer is the WHOLE body of ULI work, and we have faith in the leadership team to use this gift in a wise and impactful way for the good of the organization and its overall mission.”

To find out more about how your gift can support ULI programs and initiatives, please visit the ULI Foundation website.


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