For the Good of the World

Jim Curtis, one of the ULI Foundation’s most fervent supporters, believed strongly in the power and calling of ULI to make a profound difference in quality of lifefor individuals, for communities, and for the world—and that this mission is well deserving of increased philanthropic support through the ULI Foundation.  

By being part of ULI, we are embracing a cause that is noble, transformative, and profoundEvery gift to the Foundation represents a way to give individuals, communities, and regions better choices that make a better world, Curtis said. 

A beloved and well-respected member of ULI for almost four decades, Curtis was devoted to the organization and committed to the mission, serving as Foundation Governor, ULI Trustee, product council member, member and chairman of varied leadership committees, and the ULI Foundation chairman from July 2012 through June 2014. The growing influence and capacity of the Foundation is directly tied to Curtis’s advocacy and leadership. 

Curtis passed away in June 2019 and is deeply missed by everyone in the ULI family. But his integrity and passionate support for the Foundation live on as an example to all who care about the future of our cities 

A firm believer in the essential role of infrastructure as the heart and soul of building and sustaining thriving communities, Curtis generously gave a planned bequest to the ULI Foundation in support of its mission-focused work. Along with transportation, energy and utilities, and communications, he defined a broad and inclusive category of “social” facilitieshospitals, housing choices, parks, schools, and the likeas a component of this expansive area of land use. 

“Infrastructure and land use processes shape how we live, how we work, where we live, where we work, and how we move goods and services. . . . The intent of [my bequest] is to focus on neighborhood, community, regional, and megaregional issues, factors, and solutions. . . . I have a broad perspective of infrastructure that is more wide ranging than utilities and transportation. I believe that we shape our infrastructure and thereafter our infrastructure shapes us.” 

Curtis also included disaster-recovery advisory panels in his bequest, noting that such panels often “focus on reshaping infrastructure for the future,” and leverage the expertise of ULI members in such forward-looking vision and best practices. 

Although realized after his untimely passing, this legacy actively supports Curtis’s commitment to the ULI Foundation as an agent of change for the good of the world. 

To find out more about how your planned gift can support ULI programs and initiatives, please visit the ULI Foundation website.