District and National Council Events Foster Knowledge Sharing

District and national councils in the Americas, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region held more than 2,300 events in fiscal year 2019, reaching more than 32,000 members and advancing ULI’s rich tradition of knowledge sharing that is a cornerstone of the member experience. The ideas exchanged and lessons learned from each local gathering help inform the programming for ULI’s major convenings and add to the Institute’s impressive intellectual capital. 

  • The Urban Land Institute Trends Day is a day you can’t miss if you’re interested in what’s going on in the commercial real estate industry. 

    Arizona Business Magazine, February 2019

The district and national council events, which covered a broad range of topical real estate issues, included the following major conferences: 

– ULI San Francisco hosted its second annual Housing the Bay Summit, which is part of an ongoing member-driven initiative to foster solutions to the Bay Area housing crisis in the realms of financing, building costs, policy, and the public process. The event, which attracted nearly 500 attendees, included discussions on cost-saving construction techniques and the intersection between the housing crisis and issues related to social equity and displacement. 

The ULI Carolinas annual meeting, jointly hosted by ULI Charlotte, ULI Triangle, and ULI South Carolina in Raleigh, North Carolina, where more than 750 members gathered to hear about the future of real estate in the Carolinas, and how to take advantage of Opportunity Zones in their markets.

The ULI Arizona Trends Day Conference in Phoenix, which brought together many members throughout the state to hear about the future of housing, revitalizing public spaces, and how innovations in construction can help reduce costs to build housing.

The ULI Florida Summit, jointly hosted in Kissimmee, Florida, by ULI Central Florida, ULI North Florida, ULI Southeast Florida/Caribbean, ULI Southwest Florida, and ULI Tampa Bay, attracted over 700 members from all over the state who exchanged knowledge and heard from experts on issues such as changing markets, new trends in the state, and opportunities for investment and development.

ULI China Mainland held a conference in Shanghai that brought together real estate leaders throughout the country to discuss trends in real estate identified in the 2019 edition of Emerging Trends in Real Estate® Asia Pacific.

ULI Japan’s Spring Conference in Tokyo brought together about 200 members from around the country to exchange information on the latest trends affecting the Japanese real estate industry. 

ULI Australia’s Summit in Sydney hosted members for a full day of forums, study tours, and talks about the social impact of real estate development on communities and the people who live and work in them. 

ULI Greece & Cyprus held their inaugural annual conference in Athens, bringing together more than 100 professionals from various disciplines of the Greek real estate industry to discuss the “fourth industrial revolution.”

ULI U.K.’s annual conference brought together members from throughout the United Kingdom to hear from experts on how to create areas with “growth anchors” that will catalyze affordable housing and economic development.

ULI Belgium brought nearly 200 top real estate professionals to Brussels to explore the topic of building a great city and how to work together to unlock the potential of the city.  

 Find agendas and presentations for these and more district and national council events on Knowledge Finder. 


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