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Making a Difference by Building Healthy Communities

The commitment of ULI members to build healthy communities was evident in FY 2018 with the expansion of efforts through the Building Healthy Places initiative to transform car-centric arterials into more appealing, pedestrian-friendly destinations and promote increased access to parks, trails, open space and healthy food options, all within the context of economic as well as social benefits.

Through the Healthy Corridors program, leading members in District Councils around the United States, including ULI Minnesota, ULI Colorado, ULI Northwest Arkansas, and ULI Philadelphia worked toward a healthier future for problematic urban and suburban thoroughfares, organizing local stakeholders and hosting national experts to weigh in on challenges and opportunities. Their work led to successful efforts to secure public and private-sector investments to make these corridors healthier places for those who live, work, and travel along them.

The Building Healthy Places initiative leverages members’ expertise to shape projects and places in ways
that improve the health of people and communities.

The Healthy Corridors program was supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which also helped support an expanded focus on building for health and wellness through Advisory Service Panels and Technical Assistance Panels. The Colorado Health Foundation also supported the publication of case studies on healthy buildings and active transportation, as well as events in Colorado to demonstrate how governments can partner with the private sector to revitalize suburban corridors as healthy places.

Members of ULI Nevada, ULI Los Angeles, and ULI Houston added momentum to public investments in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Houston that promote health for residents, such as the revitalization of the Los Angeles River and blighted areas along the riverfront, and the development of a new grocery store in an underserved area of Las Vegas. In addition, the 10-Minute Walk Campaign – supported by the JPB Foundation and launched in FY 2018 in partnership with The Trust for Public Land and the National Recreation and Parks Association — initiated a member-led effort to broaden access to high-quality parks and open space, and to leverage these amenities to make communities stronger from an economic, social and environmental standpoint. Each of these efforts demonstrates the ability of ULI members to effect change that results in more socially equitable communities.

Also in FY 2018, members with a passion for health convened throughout the year in the ULI Health Leaders Network program, which provides an opportunity for ULI members to share knowledge and insights about the intersections of health and wellness and real estate, and to serve as ambassadors for the topic among the larger ULI membership. Members shared their knowledge about best practices in developing communities with a focus on community vegetable gardens and working farms to inform ULI research on the issue. And, ULI members served as mentors to graduate students in real estate or related fields, sharing their knowledge of both ULI and building for health and wellness through the Randall Lewis Health Mentorship Program. Through the program, generously endowed with a gift to the ULI Foundation by ULI Trustee Randall Lewis, students receive the opportunity to attend ULI’s Fall and Spring meetings and learn about ULI, develop relationships with ULI members, and deepen their understanding of opportunities to advance health through careers in the land industry.

Use Navigator to apply for service in the Health Leaders Network.

Use Knowledge Finder to access ULI reports and case studies related to building for health and wellness.

Use the Member Directory  to find members with expertise in building healthy places.

  • “I will forever be grateful for this opportunity as I reflect on the information and connections that I made at the 2017 Fall Meeting in Los Angeles. I was assigned a phenomenal mentor, (ULI Trustee) Teri Frankiewicz, who shared insights and expertise that have assisted in shaping my career trajectory.”


    – Ashley Pollock, Randall Lewis Health Mentorship Program participant


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