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Solving Complex Urban Development Challenges

For more than 70 years, ULI’s globally renowned Advisory Services program has convened experts in the fields of real estate and land use planning to participate on panels offering recommendations for complex planning and development projects, programs, and policies.

In FY 2018, ULI members assisted 17 communities with a variety of urban development-related challenges, including:

– Affordable housing in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands;
– Transit-oriented development in Jacksonville, Florida;
– Stormwater management and urban resilience in Miami Beach, Florida;
– Transforming unused stretches of a freeway into park space in St. Paul, Minnesota;
Building for health and wellness in Greeley, Commerce City, Colorado Springs, and Denver, Colorado; 
– Revitalizing the iconic Charity Hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana;
Developing Changjiang New Town in Wuhan, China; 
Preserving historic places in Quianmen Hutong in Beijing, China; and
– Mitigating homelessness in Los Angeles, California.  

In addition, ULI District Councils convened 43 Technical Assistance Panels (TAPs), including a ULI Hong Kong TAP that explored the redevelopment of a parcel in the Hong Kong government’s Central Harbourfront initiative; and a ULI New York TAP that advised on how to mitigate the urban “heat island” effect in Brooklyn’s Gowanus neighborhood.  

Panelists take a bike tour of Colorado Springs, where they advised the community
on building for health and wellness.

In some cases, the work of TAPs preceded further assistance through Advisory Panels. For instance, the panel assisting St. Paul built on advisory work initiated by a ULI Minnesota TAP that explored reconnecting that city’s Rondo neighborhood with park space serving as a “freeway lid.”     

Several of the Advisory Services panels were supported with philanthropic funding, including support from the ULI Foundation as well as other foundations, including the Colorado Health Foundation, The Kresge Foundation, and The JPB Foundation.  

Support provided by the ULI Foundation—such as that for the panel addressing homelessness in Los Angeles—reflects the Institute’s increased emphasis on proactively seeking to help communities address various types of urban challenges. “A greater focus on philanthropic support reflects a shift in the Advisory Services business model that will allow ULI to choose panel assignments in addition to responding to requests from individual sponsors. As a result, the program will be better positioned to make an even stronger impact,” said immediate past ULI Foundation Chairman Stephen R. Quazzo, chief executive officer of Pearlmark Real Estate in Chicago. “With the Foundation’s support, our Advisory Services panels will help ULI lead the future of global urban development.”  

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  • Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Friday the biggest investment in the Central Terminal since the last train pulled out in 1979. The funding follows recommendations made last June by the Urban Land Institute for the site’s potential reuse.

    – The Buffalo News, April 13, 2018
  • The remarkable vision to reconnect Rondo has received welcome new affirmation. After a recent week of intensive study, a team of experts from the Urban Land Institute concluded that a significant Rondo community land bridge should move forward.

    – St. Paul Pioneer Press, April 8, 2018


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