Jon Zehner and Birgit Werner discuss how ULI Europe is cultivating the next generation of leaders.

“I really hope that we get some of them in the property industry going forward because they’re going to say, ‘That was so much fun and I had no idea that existed as a career.'”

– Jon Zehner, ULI Europe Chairman, on the expansion of the UrbanPlan program in Europe

“I was really inspired from the first moment.”

– Birgit Werner, ULI Switzerland Co-Chair on the first time she attended the ULI Europe Conference
Birgit Werner
ULI Switzerland

Birgit Werner is head of the real estate division for the Munich/Zurich Airports. She is a member of the European Office and Mixed-Use Council and received a WLI Prologis Scholarship to attend the 2017 ULI Fall Meeting in Los Angeles.

Jon Zehner
ULI Europe Chairman

Jon Zehner is global co-head of the client capital group at Lasalle Investment Management in London. He has been a ULI member since 1987, and was instrumental in launching ULI Europe in the early 2000’s. He serves on the ULI Global Board of Directors and is a ULI Foundation Governor.