N.H. Seek and Henry Cheng share perspectives on the power of ULI networks and new opportunities for ULI Asia Pacific in China.

“The thing that is very impressive, and which I’ve come to appreciate more, is the tremendous network that ULI has around the world. People are so willing to share their knowledge.”

– N.H. Seek, ULI Asia Pacific Chairman

“China being such a large market, it really lends itself to a multidisciplinary organization like ULI. There are lot of needs and requirements for the ‘responsible use of land.'”

– Henry Cheng, ULI Global Governing Trustee

“ULI is the only organization in our space—real estate and the built environment—which is truly mutlidisciplinary. There isn’t an organization like that anywhere in the world.”

– N.H. Seek, ULI Asia Pacific Chairman
Henry Cheng
ULI Global Governing Trustee

Henry Cheng is the CEO and executive director of the Chongbang Group based in Shanghai. He is chair of ULI Mainland China and is a ULI Global Governing Trustee.

N.H. Seek
ULI Asia Pacific Chairman

ULI Asia Pacific Chairman N.H. Seek is chairman of Global Logistics Property, Ltd., based in Singapore. Dr. Seek is a ULI Global Governing Trustee and serves on the ULI Global Board of Directors.