Trish Healy and Alex Rose discuss the power of ULI's Advisory Services Program to transform communities.

“When I’ve done [panels] through the Advisory Services program, the community senses that this is a trusted voice.”

– Alex J. Rose, ULI Foundation Governor

“Almost every bit of my leadership training happened on the job at ULI. The ability to change a community—that impact—is what motivates me the most.”

– Trish Healy, ULI Americas Chairman

“When we walk up on that stage and hand [the panel sponsor] a report several weeks later, they know they have gotten purely objective, the “best of the best” advice.”

– Alex J. Rose, ULI Foundation Governor
Trish Healy
ULI Americas Chairman

Trish Healy is principal and co-founder of Hyde Street Holdings, based in Raleigh, North Carolina. She chairs the ULI Americas Executive Committee, serves on the ULI Global Board of Directors, and is a ULI Global Governing Trustee and a ULI Foundation Governor. She has been active through ULI Triangle and is an ex officio member of the Industrial and Office Park Council.

Alex Rose
ULI Foundation

Alex J. Rose is senior vice president, development, at the Continental Development Corporation based in El Segundo, California. He has served on or chaired more than two dozen Advisory Services panels in thirty years as a ULI member. He has held leadership positions at ULI Los Angeles and is a member of the Small-Scale Development Council.