By the numbers

How does ULI help real estate and land use professionals develop lasting solutions? By developing the resources and networks our members need to advance ULI’s mission of thought leadership in creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide.

Building Connections Among Industry Leaders and Networks

We’re uniting private, public, and nonprofit leaders from around the world–across geographical boundaries and industry sectors.

ULI’s Membership Growth is Global

ULI’s membership grew around the world by 9.5 percent in FY 2016, expanding the pool of expertise for our members to draw upon.

tech forward

ULI embraces digital communication platforms, providing members with online research and educational tools—wherever they are.

giving back

Our members work selflessly to improve their communities and beyond through a variety of global and local programs.

Shaping the Next Generation

We’re launching the careers of young professionals in the real estate and land use industry through innovative networking and learning opportunities.