ULI Foundation

The ULI Foundation Governors tour MIami's Design District.
The ULI Foundation Governors tour MIami’s Design District.

The ULI Foundation’s mission is to encourage charitable giving among the Institute’s membership and engage with partners to support ULI programs and initiatives.

With enormous intellectual capital and an extensive volunteer network, ULI is uniquely positioned to make a lasting impact on what matters most—the human condition. The ULI Foundation supports the Institute’s mission by providing an assured source of funding for ULI’s core research, education, and public sector activities. In the United Kingdom, the ULI Charitable Trust raises funds for philanthropic activities in the United Kingdom and Europe.

The ULI Foundation is deeply committed to the faithful stewardship of all charitable donations it receives. To this end, the Foundation has developed a governance structure and a set of policies and procedures that uphold complete transparency and strict accountability as core values.